Shaping the Upcoming

Electronics Research institute

Irrigation Water Perseverance

Developing a complete ecosystem of Sensors, Actuators, Software interface, and Data Visualization and Analytics as part of a project in irrigation water perseverance.

Electronics Research Institute

Camera Rover

A Robotic Utility Vehicle designed to accomplish a variety of missions.

The most used application was to acting as a stable and automated Camera man, specially for applications with high stability required like AR applications and 3D photography for reconstruction.
The Rover was used by the ERI in the context of creating VR tours for archeological sites in Egypt.
Madcour Co.

PCB Production Line

Madkour Co. enlisted the services of SudoTechs to help them create a PCB production line in Egypt that would be the 1st of its kind.

Madkour Co. set some nonstandard parameters for the production line, Our role was to design the production line, selecting the equipment, materials, planning the staff list and scheduling for 24h operation and how everything was going to flow on the factory floor.
MO4 Network

360 platform

Platform with a 360 automatically rotating camera tripod, it was equipped with a mobile app to activate the rotation with different modes beside the manual control over the control box attached to the platform.

Hurry App

Car Data Logger

A connected, trackable Hardware Data logger that assists in taking control over modern cars as part of a system for keyless car renting experience.

The system consisted of three main components; Vehicle hardware Interface, Network Interface, and the Cloud Server for the user application. The hardware we designed and implemented connects to the vehicle system via the OBD-II port located under the driving wheel. The hardware monitors and logs the CAN BUS data of all sensors and nodes monitored. Then transmits all these data to the server through the Network Interface layer.

Air Hnadling Automation

With the purpose of automating the air handling process of Lesaffre's fermentation line, SudoTechs implemented an entire Industrial Automation process.

Using Siemens ecosystem, SudoTechs took over the process of products selection, engineering solution, MCC & Control panels design & assembly, sensors installation, and Integrating the line machines into the AH process to create a fully automated and closed loop process. And for the purposes of real-time monitoring and control over different set scenarios according to the production plan, a user friendly interface was created.

3DoF VR Simulator

A motion platform that accommodate a chair and a 250kg payload and was to be connected to a VR game simulating the movement of the player in the game as to add another layer of realism to the game.

SudoTechs was given specifications and we had to design & develop the Mechanical, Electrical and Control Software for the entire machine, in addition to the integration.
Mansoura University

Motion Tracking kit

A connected motion capture and tracking unit for monitoring the motion of Table-Tennis players in 3D space for training purposes.

Using this unit, matching the patterns of motion of both the trainers and trainees can be done accurately to detect the flaws of a motion and guide the training accordingly. Trying to avoid the use of an expensive camera for this, the team utilized an array of sensors mounted along the body of the player and stick.